Hi Everyone.  I wanted to try out a new spread on you guys!  Let me know how you like it!  Free Reading for all zodiac signs.

  1. This position represents the central issues to your question or concern.  The first card is #6 The Lovers – Keyword – Choices.  In relationships you bond in commit or you walk away.  Now you have a choice to make. If you are single you are now ready for a serious relationship. In finances you may need to make an investment for your future benefit.

2. This position represents the current challenges and obstacles surrounding the question. The second card is #8 of Wands – Keyword – Travel. Now is a time for action. Everything is happening at an accelerated pace. Work, love, family and all creative projects speed up.

3. This position represents the underlying and hidden factors you need to be aware of surrounding the question. The third card is #2 of Swords – Keyword – Crossroads. There is a decision that needs to be made. This decision is causing you tension and anxiety. You feel in a deadlock about the situation. You are blocking yourself from clues that will give you the answer. If you look again from a different perspective you will have a breakthrough in your thinking.

4. This position represent the people, ideas and things that can help you in the situation. The fourth card is #7 of Pentacles – Keyword – Potential. Your dedication is beginning to pay off. You have seen a glimpse of the reward you seek. You don’t have everything that you’ve dreamt of yet but there is definitely potential. You perhaps need to make sacrifices and work a bit harder but the efforts you make will be worthwhile. Don’t doubt yourself now.

5. This position represents the action needed to improve your chances of success in the situation. The fifth and final card is #18 The Moon – Keyword – Illusion. You are having trouble seeing beyond the illusions. You are feeling doubt and confusion now. Don’t let these thoughts and feelings consume you. Your intuition is the key to improvement. Pay attention to all details but do not rely on only your logical mind. Focus through the third eye and to your feelings and dreams. Go within your soul and dredge up he fears and psychic blocks. The key to success is not letting your imagination run away with you, and that things are not nearly as bad as they seem.


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