1. Le Chariot – sign – Cancer : You have put in a lot of hard work and are about to be rewarded. Your self discipline may have been a struggle at times but you are coming into a home straight and victory is in sight at last. You may experience overnight success. Others will tell you how lucky you are but luck has little or nothing to do with it. This kind of success has been hard won. If this is a person when the chariot thunders into your life it represents someone who does not give up and who firmly believes in the motto “if at first you don’t succeed try try again”. Such a friend can inspire you or he/she will encourage you to not give in. This is a successful person or one who is about to become one. Sometimes the chariot becomes a real physical vehicle. This vehicle brings news or friends from far-flung places. In a more abstract way it can bring you the energy and will power to use your abilities to the fullest. Whatever gifts you have are meant to be used even if this entails a struggle with yourself.

2. The Four of Wands – In the four of wands the stability of four expresses itself in a fiery way. Since fire is an expansive element this card represents a successful and abundant harvest, and also signifies a well earned rest. Some project or period of hard work has preceded this moment, you can now sit back for a little while and enjoy the fruits of your labor’s. This harvest is often translated into material terms. The four of wands suggest moving into a new home or even acquiring a second home which has been worked for and dreamt of for a long time. Here the idea of home has and I’m uplifting celebratory quality. A powerful sense of security is signified by this card. This may manifest as an intuitive feeling of faith in yourself, a sense of inner harmony. It bodes well for current and future projects, there is a firm foundation upon which to build. Mentally the four of wands indicates that reasoning abilities are productively combined with intuition. In terms of career the four of wands relates to work in property, theater, entertainment music and dance.

3. The Ten of Pentacles – The 10 of pentacles is connected with both financial matters and family background. Sometimes as inheritance, financial gift, or practical help with the family. A family business could provide employment, a loan or prove beneficial in other ways. Also the 10 of pentacles is about money, success and material comfort, with a sense of permanency and security. This card often talks about unearned money, rather than salary increases. Tax rebates, and profits on stocks and shares also could be coming to you.

Hope you enjoyed! ❤️